America is set to be blighted.

What you will find within the pages of this website should open your eyes to a larger plan that has been in the works for a few decades. The plan is almost completed, your own rights have been stripped down to bare minimum. Corporations now have more rights than the people. This has all been done through false flags, new terminology, and brainwashing the people of the United States.

There is a large movement on the web to wake up the world before the corporate world destroys the earth and strips us of all our rights. Our government is a façade, it is no longer in power. We are now being governed by Non-Government Organizations (NGO) that our government is indebted too. This is being done under UN Agenda 21, now called UN Agenda 30. All your money that you pay to your Federal and State, is being handed over to these NGO’s. Almost all of your elected authorities now work under UN Agenda 30’s bylaws, which are run by NGO’s.

How it works:

  • Large corporations cannot be in direct contact with elected officials. This would make the elected officials look corrupt. So the large corporations set up small NGO’s that look and sound ecofriendly.

  • The large corporations are now free to continue to lobby, and their NGO’s are now free to contribute funds to the elected officials.

  • The States take the NGO’s incentives, and loans to better their communities. Once a State takes the incentives and loans, they are now indebted to the NGO’s agenda.

What is all this for you may ask? The bigger agenda is to create a “New World Oder.” One Government to rule the world. This government will be a corporate run government. The Corporate world will rule over you!

Raymond G Tilton a retired Lt. Col. (Airforce), has created this website to educate others of this corporate takeover, and the other injustices they now have in place.


Lt. Col. (retired) Raymond Tilton in his pilot uniform when he was younger.

“In my career I have observed many cultures in the world we live in. My daughter introduced me to the ‘New World Order’ sponsored by the United Nations Agenda 21, now called Agenda 30. I have studies this agenda to the conclusion that every adult American should study it in order to make sure America doesn’t adopt Agenda 30. “

“Our government under this agenda is infiltrating many of the actions required to implement this agenda. They are doing it under secrecy and very quietly so when all the pieces are in place, it will be too late. Most of this agenda is public information, but most people will not know where they need to go to look for it.”

“I urge you to look at the information on this website and inform your family and friends. I also encourage you to tell others about the information you are about to read, and view.”

“An example of the Agenda 30 in Topeka, Ks. Can be seen at 17th and Washburn. It is the new apartments built to house the Topeka citizens who survive the 50% agenda after the Marshal Law that is currently being initiated by the present administration.”