• objects.jpg

    Strange objects flying in all directions in the sky 11-2015

  • waves.jpg

    Some type of waves captured in the sky.

  • waves2.jpg

    Same waves only they have moved to the right of the screen.

  • waves3.jpg

    A better picture of the waves. 5-11-2016

  • waves4.jpg

    Same waves moving off screen.

  • sunwave.jpg

    Some type of wave around the sun, and a plane leaving a chemtrail.

  • sunwave2.jpg


  • shadow.jpg

    Strange shadow figure captured from the rays of the sun.

  • shadow2.jpg

    Here is another shadow figure. 5-11-2016

  • shadow3.jpg

    The same normal shadow.

  • sun.jpg

    Sun flares.

  • sun2.jpg

    Sun flares

  • sun3.jpg

    Sun flares

  • sun4.jpg

    Sun flares

  • sun5.jpg

    Sun flares

  • sunflare.jpg

    Sun flare with the facial recognition circle captured in the photo