The top 10 dangers we face today


We are in troubling times right now and there are certain things we must protect ourselves from. Here are the top 10 dangers we face today.



The D-Wave a quantum computer used by NASA and Google.

  1. Quantum Computers (AI)

It is not the computer we have to be concern about, but the people that run it i.e. Google and NASA, wow what a dangerous duo…






This is HAARP

  1. HAARP and Wi-Fi

These two have to be classed together because they work together and are basically the same issue only Wi-Fi is on a smaller scale. Microwave technology not only can be used in mass mind control but it can also be used to move weather fronts that create designer. Heavy exposure to microwaves can produce swelling of the brain which can cause erratic behavior in all animals, insomnia and other sleep disturbances, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, hypoxia (lack of oxygen getting to your tissues), inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, dizziness, irritability, nausea, hyperactivity, fatigue, vision problems, dry eyes, eye inflammation, weakened immune system, allergies, frequent urination, night sweats, extreme thirst, etc. It can also lead to teeth problems like teeth breakage, and fillings falling out. These symptoms very often suddenly appear in people who have had a cell phone tower installed nearby their home. Cell phones, laptops, and tablets, are all portable microwave boxes. For more information, … These waves are also responsible for the extreme heat on the planet today. Our planet is now one huge microwave conductor because of chemtrails; which leads me to number 3…


This is chemtrails.

  1. Chemtrails or persistent contrails

This process works in two ways, the first is to create a dome effect that helps to keep the tower waves from escaping into the atmosphere and the second is to block the outer space radiation from breaching the earth’s atmosphere because of the polar shift. The chemicals often found in these chemtrails are, Aluminum, and Barium. Aluminum is used as a reflection device and the Barium is used as the blocking agent. There is also speculation that there are other dangerous chemicals being used in combination with the Aluminum and Barium that are harmful to the environment and life on this planet. Read more about Barium


UN Agenda 2030 research this agenda

  1. UN Agenda 30

Have you heard the saying that if something is too good to be true, it usually is? Well that brings us to number four on the list, UN Agenda 30. This agenda not only controls vas quantities of the human populations, but it also puts all of our futures into the hands of corporations. It sounds great upon reading what the agenda will carry out, but when you use your common sense, it takes on a whole new meaning. We will become totally dependent on the corporate world. We will be forced into highly dense populated areas and off the areas marked for “wildlands”. These highly dense areas will only be able to hold a certain amount of people because there will only be a certain amount of “sustainable” area to grow food. You will not be able to visit or live in the areas you are not appointed. We will be forced into public transport unless you want to bike or walk to where you have to go. Your housing area will contain your basic needs for your shopping “pleasure”. The agenda states you can schedule wildland visits, but it will only be designated areas you can view. So ask yourself, “what is happening in the ‘un’ designated areas? Population will be strictly regulated. You will be forced to work in designated fields (professions). Your every move will be watched. And you will not be allowed to own anything of real value. This means you cannot own land, or precious medals. If it has real solid value, it will be illegal to own. There is so many more ‘hidden’ facts about this agenda, but you can research those on you own. Agenda 30 is already being enacted around the world.



  1. Monsanto

I will not elaborate on the genetically modified (GM or sometimes referred to GMO) seed because even thou it does change the DNA of the seed and plant, this happens in nature, the only difference is Monsanto speeds up the process. The biggest dangers lay in the Round-Up coating they infuse in every seed. This is pure poison and responsible for countless deaths around the world. Depending on the continent you live on, Monsanto may monopolize as much as 98% of the food market in your area.





Fiat or fake money

  1. Your invisible Government and the Fiat monetary system

I am going to class these two together because really they are both a façade designed to work together to keep people in a voluntary slavery position. Your government does not work, or care about you. This is the hardest thing for people to wrap their head around, but it is true. The funniest part about this is, the vast majority of the of the population that still believe ‘their’ government works for them, would rather believe in fairies, than the fact they no longer control their government. All governments work for the Vatican. I repeat ALL governments work for the Vatican. If any country is not under the Vatican rule, they will be subjected to devastation and war. The Vatican is ruled and owned by the Rothschild’s dynasty. It is also the world’s largest money laundering scheme (scam). I will not get into the religious ramifications, nor will I get into the history of the Rothschild’s dynasty, these are areas you can research for yourself.

Fiat money is fake. It holds no monetary value. It is as worthless as a stick. In fact, you can start your own monetary system just like the Federal Reserves have done, which by the way was started by the Rothschild’s, and it is still own by them in various holding facilities. All you need to start your own fiat monetary system is for the other person to believe it holds value. This is how scam artist work. They convince you that what they own, or pretend to own, is of value to you. The fiat system is the largest scam in history. You will work over half of your entire existence to earn pieces of worthless rag paper that is called money.

“Let the American people go into their debt-funding schemes and banking systems, and from that hour their boasted independence will be a mere phantom.” ~William Pitt ~

So, here’s the kicker folks, let’s tie all this together in the world’s largest scam in history.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, established his banking business in the 1760s. The family already had ties to the Vatican, later they would own the Vatican. He then sent his five son’s to established themselves in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Naples (strategic locations around the world). From there they could control the monetary systems and the politics. Mayer knew if they could control the money, the Rothschild dynasty would be secured. From there the family loaned their way into every aspect of our existence. Wars are not started by governments; they are only pawns that are used to control and further the Rothschild’s dynasty.

The one percent of the one percent that control the rest of the world’s wealth are controlled by the Rothschild’s dynasty. I will not cover this “other” one percent, this is something you can research on your own.

From there the Dynasty accumulated the worlds precious commodities, like gold, silver, and other precious items. This was done so they can control the trading rights. This also needed to be done to strip any government and their citizens of trading power. Ask yourself, “who holds the majority of the gold today”? If you do not know the answer to this question, then this is something you can research. Once the trading power is removed, the fiat system is put into place to fool you into a false sense of security that will keep you working as slaves for the corporate world; but you no longer own anything of trading value. They now control the entire financial structure. When the Dynasty decides that too much of the population (individual or corporate) owns too much of the worlds land, and or ‘other’ resources, they stage a currency collapse. If you have any rag paper or useless alloy coins on hand, you cannot exchange them for any tangible item. You will lose your business, land, and home. You are left with nothing. Who now owns it??

If your currency system was backed by a tangible source, once the panic was over you could exchange it for its value. This is how they keep ‘us’ busy and working.

To wrap up number 6 on our list, because this could become an e-book very easily… You do not own anything. The government that rules over you can seize any item you ‘think’ you own; this includes your children. This is another fact you can research. And remember who really owns and controls the government…



  1. CERN

Some might wonder why this is low on the list, while others might even wonder why it’s on the list at all. CERN made the list for one reason. It is being controlled by scientist that are only are working with theories and hypothesis, and running it at full speed. Enough said on number 7.





The movement of the Earths pole shift.

  1. The Pole Shift

Whether you believe the earth is round or flat, the one thing we can all agree on is there are some really crazy weather events happening throughout the world. There are great earthquakes and volcanoes, to purple lighting. All these events could be tied to the earth’s magnetic poles moving. One effect we can see is newly formed land masses are forming, while other old ones are disappearing. We can also notice entire continents moving.









Research always for the truth. The truth is out there!

  1. Misinformation

From our news media to individual websites, there is so much misinformation parked on the World Wide Web and inside the corporate owned television stations, it is amazing we can find any truth at all. Between the so called experts that are never named, and the specialist that have never been heard of before that moment, misinformation is everywhere. Corporations pay people to post misinformation just to keep the mass population from securing the truth of most corporate agendas and malpractices. If the public can stay confused they will not be able to act to stop these malpractices.




The internet is teaching the quantum computer.

  1. The Internet

Number 10 leads us full circle to number 1 on this list, the AI or quantum computer. Everything you type, your emotions you convey on the internet, once you push the send, post, or input button, helps to teach the AI how we function. We are teaching this machine everything it needs to know about humans. This is something to think about…


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